Omar Apollo
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Graphic Design

DEV - New day nyc
The Brief
Omar Apollo is a prominent Mexican-American artist from Indiana known for his laid-back retro-soul and R&B sound. I was asked to design a new website that went beyond the expectations for a musician, and sought to create a world fans would come back to regularly.

The website was strategically used to rollout each new single and video for the album rollout, giving the fans a place to come to for 3 months to build anticipation.
The Solution
My strategy was to create interactions with "real world objects" that fans would recognize, and thus stay away from traditional UI standards.

Two standout features include a lyric notebook that fans flip through, and an interactive timeline of Omar's entire music career.

We reached 15,000 average monthly visitors, with an average session time of 2 minutes.

The website dropped with the first single from his 2nd studio album Apolonio in Aug 2020.

Home & Music Player
Video Player (ViewMaster)
Home & Music Player
Video Player
Lyric Notebook
Analog Layering Lyric Notes
Video "ViewMaster" Reel